The Eyes of Helios

HELIOS was the Titan god of the sun who presided over the various facets of the solar body, from the measurement and divisions of the day, the year and the seasons, to the powers of heat and fire and - the gift of sight. The Eyes of Helios is about the manipulation of the viewer's focus.

What makes you notice someone?How does one stand out?Or for that matter how does one disappear?The Eyes of Helios is an exploration of focus looking at those principles that draw a person's attention. From a performer/artist standpoint fascinating. Why do some performers stand out while others seem to not exist on the stage?From a civilian standpoint  also fascinating  for example   what makes a person on the street stand out as a potential crime victim and how can one simply disappear from the sight of the general public while moving in public?

Choreography:Debbie Wilson

Costumes:Michelle Turpin of KARAMEA

Music:Duke Bojadziev

Lighting:  Brad Trenaman


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